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IU School of Medicine student Avery Chadd provides his tips for prioritizing wellness on top of other responsibilities.

Prioritize your wellness: Advice from MS1 Avery Chadd

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This article was written by first-year IU School of Medicine student Avery Chadd.

Prioritizing wellness while staying on top of all our responsibilities is very important, but this can be hard to accomplish without feeling like our tasks are piling too high. One easy way for me to find peace, no matter what I’m doing throughout the day, is by listening to music as much as I can! This is something you can do without expending any extra energy and it can make huge differences in your mood.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Spotify playlists because they can introduce new songs to add to your daily favorites. Some of my favorite pre-made playlists include: 

P.S. The Headspace app (which all Indy students have free access to) also has playlists full of music aimed to improve focus and/or sleep! If you are a member of AMA and not on the Indy campus, they also offer Headspace to members.

Happy listening, everyone!