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New advanced anatomy course for students interested in oncologic sub-specialties

Dr. Korc_Kelly Craven

MD/PhD student Kelly Craven and Dr. Korc in the lab

A new advanced anatomy course for third and fourth-year medical students interested in oncologic sub-specialties is now being offered!

Utilizing case-based learning principles, a student will be able to tie information from the clinic, operating room, radiology (and radiation oncology) suite, and anatomy lab to further their knowledge of locoregional cancer spread and management.

The course objectives are educating students to:

  • Understand the role of anatomy in the natural history of the locoregional spread of cancer
  • Know the basic TNM staging criteria
  • Understand the role of anatomy in treatment decisions (in surgery and radiation oncology)
  • Visualize objects at risk and recognize the potential toxicity of radiation or surgery to nearby structures
  • Provide a hands-on perspective of an anatomic correlate to disease-based atlases
  • Provide a correlate between oncologic anatomic abnormalities in imaging modalities
  • Understand general oncologic management

Course availability begins in the month of August 2018. A max of 2 students/month will be accepted.

Please contact Ron Shapiro with questions.

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