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Class of 2019: Special elective opportunity


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There is a special elective opportunity for the Class of 2019 to help lead the Transitions 2 course in April 2019. The Transitions 2 Facilitator elective is a four-week special elective offered in April. It is designed to provide upperclassmen the opportunity to help and support upcoming Phase 2 students as they transitions to clerkships.

Enrollees can expect to work directly with and as part of the local Transitions 2 team. This will include:

  • Active participation in delivery of curriculum content as small group facilitators for case discussions and peer discussions
  • Leading physical examination review
  • Assessing and evaluating reflections and history/physicals using rubrics
  • Offering advice and best practices to students to be successful on clerkships
  • Teaching procedural skills to underclassmen under direct supervision of faculty

If you are interested in enrolling, please Nancy Mitchell for more information.

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Sara Buckallew

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