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MS4: SOAP Update from Dr. Debra Rusk


Students at Match Day

A note from Dr. Debra Rusk:

You will ALL get an email on Friday, March 9,  at noon stating that you are eligible for the SOAP process. DO NOT PANIC! This does not mean that you did not match. It only means that you are properly registered for the match and are eligible to SOAP, if needed!

We hope you all have a very successful match!

A few things to consider…just in case.

Tasks in ERAS before Match week

There are a few steps you should take now to be sure you are ready to participate in SOAP if you are unmatched or partially matched on Monday of Match week:

  • Login to MyERAS
  • Make sure your MyERAS application is complete. You must certify and submit your application before you can apply to programs.
  • Keep your personal information (including your NRMP ID) updated in MyERAS.
  • If you have updates or information you would like to add and are not able to do so in the application, you can provide this information by updating or adding a new personal statement(s). If you want the programs to be able to speak with one of us, list Indiana University School of Medicine and the phone number to the MSE Deans office (317-278-2891) in your personal statement.
  • Upload any necessary documents like letters of recommendation before Match week, as some documents require some time to process before they are available in MyERAS. It is fine to use your old letters if you choose.

If you did not match (or are partially matched), you will be notified by email, or you can look in the R3system, on Monday, March 12,  at 11 am ET.

Come to Med Sci Room 118, or call us at 318-278-2891 for assistance in the SOAP process. GET IN CONTACT WITH US EARLY!

SOAP opens at noon (12:00 pm ET)

Feel free to contact me with any questions before then. May the Match be with you all!

Debra Rusk, MD
Assistant Dean for Career Mentoring

The views expressed in this content represent the perspective and opinions of the author and may or may not represent the position of Indiana University School of Medicine.

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