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MS2: Resources for remediating courses


IU School of Medicine student studying.

If you are a PGY2 student who is remediating a course, we would like to remind you of the resources available to support you.

  1. We encourage you to meet with the course director/site leader to find out more about the remediation exam content and discuss areas where you struggled.
  2. Dr. Bauer (, the competency director for medical knowledge, can help you explore available resources and discuss ways to maximize those resources for your exam.
  3. Once you talk to the course director/site leader and Dr. Bauer, your lead advisor and the learning specialist, can assist you with creating a study plan for your remediation and Step 1.
  4. Jessica Fultz and Dr. Samia Hasan are available to work with students on issues, such as test anxiety, that may negatively impact exam performance. All of the services provided by the mental health services team are confidential. Lisa Heitman is the program coordinator and initial point of contact for the department. She schedules appointments and acts as a liaison for medical trainees and referral sources. Lisa can be reached by email at or by phone at 317-278-2383.The remediation exams will be given on Tuesday, March 27. Students who need to remediate will receive an email this week from Dr. Klemsz with details about the exam time and location.
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