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MS2: What to expect in Transitions 2


Faculty and medical students

A note from Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Esteban Ramirez, DO, MBA:

Allow me to introduce Transitions 2. This is your first clinical course in your clerkship. It will help prepare you for your third and fourth year of medical school.

  1. Objectives: to provide an introduction to clerkship and review and learn high-yield material, such differential diagnoses/problem solving, physical exam skills, best practices in communication with the health care team, how to deal with difficult situations, and procedures (e.g. suturing, IV, airway management, etc.).
  2. A typical day will be from 8 am – 5 pm. There will be few instances where you will be required to attend an earlier or later session.
  3. No examination will be given. We will assess students using various modalities such as write ups, oral presentations, small group discussion and completion of procedures. This course is pass/fail.
  4. There are scheduled days (varies by campus) that are to be used to complete on-boarding at hospitals for your upcoming rotation.  All required on-boarding documentation will be provided to the students one week prior to the beginning of Transitions 2 so that these papers can be submitted promptly.
  5. As with all your clerkship rotations and clinical classes, attendance of these lectures and activities is mandatory.

The Transitions 2 team is excited to get you started on your clerkship rotations. We look forward to seeing you April 9.


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