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Meet Keri Good, the new Lead Advisor for IU School of Medicine-West Lafayette.

Meet West Lafayette's New Lead Advisor Keri Good

Keri Good West Lafayette Lead Advisor

Keri Good has recently been appointed as the new lead advisor for IU School of Medicine’s West Lafayette campus. The lead advisor’s role is to meet with MD students one-on-one at least twelve times throughout their four years of medical school. They provide guidance and structure to ensure that medical students achieve their academic milestones while also addressing any personal concerns they may have.

Keri L. Good, MSEd, is a native of Orlando, Florida and moved to Greencastle, IN at age 11. She grew up in an environment where education was highly valued and familiar, as both of her parents were professors at DePauw University. Wanting to remain close to family, Good attended undergraduate school at Wittenberg University with a major in biology. Afterwards, she obtained her master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at the University of Dayton in 2018. From a young age, Good dreamed of being a doctor because of her passion for science, and she describes her decision to switch from pre-medicine to education as a “quarter-life crisis.” However, she is glad she chose this path, and enjoys how her education degree allows her to combine science, support, and teaching.

Prior to receiving her position as lead advisor, Good occupied several leadership positions. During graduate school, she held an assistantship in student leadership, where she advised various student organizations. Although Good describes the experience as fulfilling, she felt as though something was missing. Because of her prior experience as a resident advisor during undergraduate years, Good chose to switch her assistantship to housing and residential life, occupying one of only two lead positions. Good says that “the experience helped fuel my passion for helping students in a more holistic sense.” She is confident that this role has prepared her for the lead advisor position, as she will guide students through academic requirements, social development and emotional health.

When asked what Good is most excited for when joining IU School of Medicine, she focuses on three main points.

First, she is eager to bridge the gap between medicine and higher education. “Science is the core of who I am….I am a scientist at heart,” Good claims. As this is her first “science adjacent” job of her career, she looks forward to immersing herself in science, including shadowing cadaver labs and other of her student’s classes.

Second, Good is excited to begin a new stage in her career. “Advising in medicine is the next big step for me. It feels like a fresh start and that I am coming into my own as a professional.”

Third, Good hopes to cultivate a strong family culture at the IU School of Medicine. From an outsider’s perspective, she views the medical field as “overly-businesslike” and wants to contribute to changing this stereotype. She stresses that in order for students to thrive in their future careers, they must be able to take care of themselves socially and emotionally. Good wants to create an environment where students feel comfortable coming to her office to vent, emote, or tell her about what is going on in their lives. As a natural extrovert, Good loves developing relationships and being in community with others. She hopes that she can help her students achieve both holistic wellness and their personal goals.

Outside of work, Good enjoys visiting local coffee shops, traveling to new countries, and researching the latest space science discoveries. Another interesting fact about Good is that she became a vegetarian during graduate school. She explains that it “hits many of her passion areas”, including her belief in climate change, fight against animal cruelty, and desire to connect to other cultures.

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Rachel Young

Rachel Young is a Purdue University undergraduate student from Carmel, IN. She is currently working as a communications intern for the IU School of Medicine-West Lafayette for the summer of 2021. Rachel is studying business communication through the Brian Lamb School and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. Apart from academics, she is also a member of the Purdue University Women’s Swim Team.
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