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Gold Humanism Honor Society @IUSM – Student Spotlight – September 10th, 2018


Kadijah is a 4th year medical student at IUSM. She is a native of Nashville and will be pursuing a residency in internal medicine next year, with the goal of becoming an interventional cardiologist. Her motivation behind her selected profession is her father who she considers the most influential person in her journey as he suffered from congestive heart failure and she experiences first hand many hospital encounters at his side.

From an early age, Kadijah took interest in medicine and began volunteering at clinics that serviced disadvantaged demographics that mirrored her own reality and she soon realized her passion for serving underserved communities. This passion has continuously evolved, and Kadijah has since created projects like ‘Service before the MD’, an alternative spring break option that she worked hard to implement during her 1st year of medical school at IUSM’s northwest campus. This project works with Habitat for Humanity in building homes for families who were still displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Kadijah has spent most of her vacation time away from medical school participating in global health missions to places including Haiti, New Orleans and is currently away for two months in Eldoret, Kenya.

Two weeks into her first year of medical school, Kadijah’s father succumbed to his medical ailments and significantly impacted her life. Despite this formidable tragedy, Kadijah has remained steadfast in her academics, receiving multiple tuition scholarships and global health grants to support her endeavors. Since her father’s passing, she’s been very vocal about her own struggle with depression and has become an advocate for mental health awareness to her already impressive resume. When asked how she’s managed to juggle so much, she responds with one word, “humanity”. She states that, in everything she does she remembers that we are all human and treats her patients’ questions, concerns, fears, and insecurities with dignity, stating that, “I see myself in their shoes. Patient’s are very appreciative of doctors for healing physical wounds but from my own experience you never forget the ones that bring you comfort and ease your fears during your most vulnerable times.”

The love and encouragement from her father propelled Kadijah down this path of lifelong learning. She currently serves as the Secretary for the IU chapter of The Gold Humanism Honor Society as well as Co-chair of the Internal Medicine Student Interest Group. Even with the tragedy and all the hardships, Kadijah strongly denies wishing to change any part of her journey and is looking forward to starting her residency training next year.


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Chanelle Benjamin

IUSM's GHHS President & MSC VP of Committee Affairs

Born and raised in the island of Trinidad and Tobago and a first generation college and medical student, I'm a girl determined to follow her passions and do it well. A Christian first..a Humanist, an Altruist and a Feminist and self proclaimed butterfly....