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Medical student Lindsey Wells shares how she stays motivated during the winter.

Find motivation during the winter

Profile of female listening to music against snow falling background

This article was written by IU School of Medicine medical student Lindsey Wells.

During the winter months, it can be tough to find motivation to stay active while it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Some days I’d much rather be cozied up under a weighted blanket watching holiday movies than going to the gym. That being said, I know that when I take care of my body by eating healthy and exercising, my mood improves, and I can focus a lot better.

I try to find ways to make these activities more fun by mixing up my routine and trying new things! During the pandemic I started going for walks or runs while listening to my favorite podcasts. This helps to give my mind a break and gives me something to look forward to during the day. 

These are some of my favorites:  

  • Crime Junkie: Great true crime show. Based in Indianapolis, too! 
  • Dr. Death: True story about a neurosurgeon with some questionable patient outcomes… Very interesting, but also terrifying. 
  • Serial: Investigative journalism podcast about a murder case. Super intriguing. This is what got me hooked on podcasts! 
  • The Daily: My staple news podcast. Hosted by The New York Times

These are a few of the ones I enjoy, but there are so many podcasts about whatever you might be interested in! Audible is another great option if there’s a new book you’ve been wanting to try out but haven’t found the time.