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Critical Care Selectives and Phase 3 Town Hall Updates

Road To Phase 3

Thank you to all who attended the Town Hall Meetings for Critical Care Selectives and Phase 3 Planning. Please see the slide decks and recorded presentations in the Class of 2021 Phase 3 RoadMAP on Canvas if you were unable to join. We summarized key points below based on your valuable questions:

  • The IU School of Medicine, based on national curricular trends and feedback from past IU School of Medicine graduates, will launch the new Critical Care Selective (CCS) program in the upcoming academic year.
  • The CCS provides important training in the recognition and early management of acute and severe illnesses that confront interns in all disciplines. The CCS has been designed to improve your readiness for these complex clinical challenges. The inclusion of critical care exposure for senior students is viewed as a competitive advantage for residency program applications.
  • IU School of Medicine senior students and graduates who have taken these rotations previously praised the value of unparalleled educational opportunities, positive learning environment and preparation for residency.

See what current Phase 3 students said who attended the Town Hall:

“I did an ICU rotation, and I would say that was the best rotation that I had here because it is totally different than anything you’ve done before. They actually rely on you to make plans, and you’re treated like an intern.”

“Essentially, for any residency you do, you are going to have some critical care. It has the steepest learning curve I would say of any facet of medicine. I learned so much. You get a lot of the conversations, you get a lot of the family-centered care, and it is well-rounding to your education as a medical student.”

We appreciate the feedback received at the CCS Town Hall and want to emphasize that we take student perspectives seriously. Based on careful consideration of the discussion during the Town Hall, we enhanced the selection and preferencing process for the Class of 2021 to support students, working with their advisors, to meet their optimal training plans.

This process allows students, after careful discussion with their lead advisor and Career Faculty mentor(s), to use one of our Advanced Clinical Electives from the course catalog as an acceptable alternative to meet the CCS requirement. This flexibility is designed as a one-year alternative as we transition to full implementation of the CCS as a requirement starting with the class of 2022.

  • Students will be able to rank their preferences for a Selective by rotation and month in E*value, in early January. Options for the Class of 2021 will include a Critical Care or an Advanced Clinical Elective. Students will select a minimum of ten options to ensure a successful match and can rank an infinite number of options.
  • Students can register for additional electives starting in February.
  • The 2020-21 catalog of selective and elective options will be posted in mid-December, approximately two weeks before enrollment opens.
  • We encourage you to look at this valuable resource for Phase 3 elective scheduling.

Students are invited to send follow-up questions to AskMSE or to Daniel Corson-Knowles, MD, Director of Clinical Distinctions, Phase 3 Curriculum.

The views expressed in this content represent the perspective and opinions of the author and may or may not represent the position of Indiana University School of Medicine.

Susanna Scott

Communication Specialist

Susanna focuses on communication for Medical Student Education, Faculty and Staff. She is also working toward her doctorate in health communication at IUPUI.