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Class of 2019 Residency Application Updates

House Staff Forum Resident as Teacher Subcommittee

House Staff Forum’s Resident as Teacher discussed how to build on prior subcommittee initiatives moving into the 2018-2019 academic year at the August 14, 2018 meeting.

Hello fourth-year students,

Here are some updates from the Medical Student Education Career Mentoring Team about the rapidly approaching residency application and interview season. Also, check out our new career mentoring web pages!

Medical Student Performance Evaluation MSPE Updates

Your MSPE are under construction with your lead advisors. Once your lead advisor completes your MSPE, you will be given the opportunity to review it. Please work with them to make any necessary adjustments or edits. Remember, per the AAMC guidelines, the clerkship comments cannot be edited except by the clerkship directors. Once you have finalized your MSPE with your lead advisor, the MSPE will be forwarded to one of the Medical Student Education deans for final review and editing. This is a new step that we added this year to make sure that all students are presented in the absolute best light possible.

It will then be sent to you again for final inspection. You will have about 48 hours or so to respond so that we can meet the October 1 deadline. If you do not respond, we will interpret this as an agreement with how it looks and what it says. The MSPEs will start being uploaded the last week in September and then MSE will hit the submit button on October 1.


Electives will be included in your official transcript. Transcripts will be pulled on September 10 for uploading.

Program Exploration

Check out the newly accredited programs. Be sure to run the 2018-19, and the 2017-18 lists for your desired specialty, These are typically less competitive programs so would be great back-up programs to apply to in order to maximize your chances of matching into a program in your desired specialty.

The AAMC Careers in Medicine site also has some handy tools for searching programs.

They have a map feature that is better than FREIDA. And have a search tool that lets you “look inside” of a program to see where their current residents completed medical school, the averages for that particular program in terms of research, volunteer experiences and work. It is very handy tool. Your lead advisors have been trained on how to use this as well, and can help.

Mock Interviews

Sign up for a session today. 

-Debra Rusk, MD, and Sacha Sharp, MA
Medical Student Education Career Mentoring Team

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