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Have you ever had a resident go out of their way to help you out, or make a rotation special for you? Now's your chance to recognize them for Thank a Resident Day!

Gold Humanism’s Thank a Resident Day

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This year, as part of Gold Humanism’s Thank a Resident Day, we’d love to hear from students who had great experiences with IU residents or fellows — these can be big or small! We’re hoping to get a collection of small written or video (under 20 seconds) responses to distribute to our residents. It’s a great way to recognize those who have gone out of their way to help you out, and they will most definitely be appreciated by the residents! Please upload your video prior to Thank a Resident Day on Feb. 23.

If you have questions or would rather message your “thank you” in for someone else to read on your behalf, please text Abhi Mishra at 812-575-9272


  • Record a brief (<20 seconds per resident) video shoutout to a resident/fellow with the reason you’re recognizing them — the more specific, the better! If you want to generalize and shout out a group, that works too.
  • Name the video as the resident/fellow/group’s name.
  • Upload the video into the correct department’s folder.
    • If your resident is at a regional campus, please add a folder for that campus within the program folder and upload your video there! 
  • You’re more than welcome to recognize multiple residents from the same program in one video or upload multiple videos. You’re also more than welcome to record your video with other med students.

Example video

Submit your video here

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