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Meet the new Otolaryngology residents

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting in-person interviews, this year’s residency season was unlike any other. However, the four newly matched medical students say the tight-knit and supportive environment of the Department of Otolaryngology at IU School of Medicine stood out. 

Ben Middelkamp  |  May 03, 2021

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a gentle hand is placed on a patient during a visit in the clinic

The Little Things

An unassuming well-woman visit with a Spanish-speaking patient turned out to be the one of the most profound illustrations of the

Meera Iyengar, MD  |  Oct 30, 2020

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry PGY 5: A Day in the Life with You Na Kheir

As a second-year Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellow (PGY5), my weeks are filled with various outpatient clinics and therapy sessions as well as opportunities for
Image of Michael Bridges, MD with quote caption "I am being given much more autonomy with my patients, and I  am becoming more competent  in the administrative and extra  clinical requirements that come  with being a doctor." Experience as a PGY-3

Psychiatry PGY-3: A Day in the Life with Michael Bridges

The residency dedicates the PGY3 experience to outpatient clinical settings and, fortunately, the PGY3s can tailor their weekly schedules to their areas of interest. 
Image of Alyssa Smith, MD with quote caption "As a resident now, I feel like a  valued member of a team, and am given the right balance of autonomy and support necessary to grow as a new physician." Experience as a PGY-1

Psychiatry PGY-1: A Day in the Life with Alyssa Smith

Fourth year of medical school is such an exciting time! I was in your shoes only a year ago, and I know the application process

Psychiatry PGY-2: A Day in the Life with Halimah Oral

After completing a year of inpatient and off service rotations I finally made it to second year!
Image of Sara Culleton, MD, PhD with quote caption "I’m grateful for the department’s flexibility and support in letting me take two months off, and making  up clinical time afterward in the  form of my choosing." Experience as a PGY-4

Psychiatry PGY-4: A Day in the Life with Sara Culleton

My 4th year of residency has started a bit differently: for the last several weeks, I have been on maternity leave! I’m grateful for the
portraits of kazia parsons and logan guckien

First residents complete LGBTQ+ health track

Kazia Parsons, MD and Logan Guckien, MD are the first residents to complete the LGBTQ+ Health track in the Family Medicine Residency Program.

Madison Pershing  |  Jun 26, 2020

A smiling, pregnant physician in a white coat and stethoscope looks toward the camera with her hand resting on her belly.

Pregnant and postpartum internal medicine residents protected from long shifts under new policy

Already an unwritten practice, internal medicine residents in the third trimester of pregnancy or within the first two months of delivery are now formally protected

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Jun 24, 2020

Matt Rutz speaks on a zoom panel

Frontline workers recount experiences with virus during Zoom panel

Worried, concerned and overwhelmed, but encouraged, appreciated and optimistic. Those are among the range of emotions shared by providers working on the front line of

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  May 14, 2020