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Jaison Grimes, MD, gives commencement address at alma mater


With bow tie on straight, Jaison Grimes, MD, stood behind a podium in Ohio where he congratulated hundreds of 2018 graduates at his alma mater, University of Findlay.

Dr. Grimes, professor of clinical neurology at Indiana University School of Medicine, showed his expertise as an exhausted, yet very determined, student back in the day. With his wise and cool demeanor, it’s no surprise his speech was met with applause and gratitude. From the moment he began speaking, Dr. Grimes was instantly relatable for students who experienced years of education: Minimal sleep, lots of ramen noodles and countless hours of writing papers.

Dr. Grimes used his knowledge in neuroimmunology to reflect the importance of balance for all graduates. From taking exams and writing a thesis to maintaining relationships and beliefs– Dr. Grimes told the graduates how best to maintain their hectic schedules while also comprehending the value in their effort. “You’ll learn skills that translate, but sometimes when you go into the workforce people may say you’re not worth very much. Know this: You are valuable and worth more than what many will tell you,” he said.

Dr. Grimes also used some learned experience he gained from Robert Pascuzzi, MD, chair of the Department of Neurology at IU School of Medicine. He discussed the three As and their correlation to a well-balanced life: Ability, Affability and Availability. By embracing each A, graduates can lead a distinguished life of success that is achieved every day.

As he ended his speech, Dr. Grimes humbly offered all graduates his unwavering support and continued guidance.

As IU School of Medicine prepares to send off new graduates on May 12, it seems that Dr. Grimes’ speech on balance could easily be applied to the School’s soon-to-be graduates and the future they’re about to embark upon.

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