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Dr. Aaron Carroll shares his research live on "CBS This Morning"

Aaron Carroll, MD

IU School of Medicine faculty member Aaron E. Carroll, MD, is not only a pediatrician, but a nationally-known health services researcher and excellent communicator of science to the lay public. His background, expertise and ability to relay complex science in easy to understand ways has created the opportunity for him to appear live on CBS This Morning with national consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner.

Carroll was interviewed by Werner for his expert research commentary on the high and variable costs of healthcare for her series called Medical Price Roulette. His comments are part of a multi-part feature running on the network of CBS, including on the CBS evening news.

Referred to by many communicators as a “sound-byte machine,” CBS producers have been so happy with Carroll’s expert research contributions that they invited him to be live on set this morning.

Carroll  is no stranger to the national media. His research expertise and talent in communications attracted the attention of the New York Times who lured him to become a health-related research writer for them on popular topics such as myths surrounding sodas, artificial sweeteners and the dangers of daycare directors playing doctor.

Carroll comes  with a built in audience of more than 300,000 subscribers to his hit YouTube show, called Healthcare Triage.

Dr. Carroll is also the author of a new book The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully, which suggests that when it comes to “sinful” eats, people may be misled by nutritional claims based on little substantive research. He has authored several other books that exist to dispel myths related to health and the human body.

The benefits to IU School of Medicine of Carroll’s many talents is his ability to share the University and School brand far and wide and bring ever increasing amounts of credibility and reputation to the School’s ever-expanding reach.


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