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<span style="text-align: center;">Dr. Amir Hajrasouliha Receives 2023 Falk Trust Catalyst Award. Congratulations on this prestigious recognition!</span>

Dr. Amir Hajrasouliha Receives 2023 Falk Trust Catalyst Award

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Congratulations to Dr. Amir Hajrasouliha who received the 2023 Falk Trust Catalyst Award. The award was founded in 1979 and aims to support and fund research to improve treatment of the past and eventually find cures for diseases for which no definite cure is known. The program provides up to $350,000 seed funding over one to two years, to support translational research that can be transferred to clinical practice in the near term. When asked about receiving this award, Dr. Hajrasouliha commented “This recognition inspires a heightened dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the translation of scientific advancements into tangible solutions for patients suffering with the debilitating effects of presently untreatable conditions.”

This award underscores the department's dedication to supporting initiatives that contribute significantly to advancements in the field.

“This provides invaluable validation of the importance and potential impact of the research in the field of artificial retina. Such recognition not only enhances my professional standing but also boosts the credibility of the work within the scientific community,” said Dr. Hajrasouliha

Thank you, Dr. Hajrasouliha for all your contributions to the IU School of Medicine Ophthalmology Department and for your passion of research.
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