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"Mayor" of Night Shift, Dr. Brian Sloan, Retires from Emergency Medicine

brian sloan and a colleague hold a gift bag with santa on it in the breakroom. They are both wearing scrubs.

After more than 20 years in emergency medicine, Dr. Brian Sloan is retiring from the Department of Emergency Medicine at IU School of Medicine. Dr. Sloan is a 1997 graduate of IU School of Medicine. He completed his emergency medicine residency at IU and a fellowship in sports medicine at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. After completing his residency and fellowship programs, he joined the faculty where he spent the majority of his career working the overnight shifts at Wishard/Eskenazi Hospital. He is often referred to as the "Mayor" on this shift.

"Seeing Dr. Sloan’s name overlap with yours on the emergency department schedule is always a reason to smile," said Dr. Marla Doehring "For over 20 years, his amazing clinical skills, leadership abilities, work ethic, and positive attitude have been a gift to the department."

Working the night shift is not easy. It's something his colleagues say he has always embraced. Dr. Sloan brings a dose of positivity to the department. Dr. Butch Humbert, shared that "He clearly has the respect of the night shift staff who he relies on when things are crazy in the middle of the night. He is an outstanding teacher, challenging learners to make their own decisions but providing them with guidance to understand the rationale behind the decision that is made."

Dr. Sloan is a role model for many by providing his unassuming, loyal and steady leadership. "He embodies everything we stand for as a department that educates, cares for patients, and serves the community," said Dr. Andrew Beckman.

Dr. Sloan carried his success all the way from college, where he played basketball for Indiana University from 1984 to 1989. 

a black and white photo of brian sloan going up for a rebound in a white Indiana basketball jersey

His colleagues say you can clearly tell he is a team player whether he is on or off the court.

"Most recently, Dr. Sloan has received accolades for leading debriefs after complex and challenging codes in the emergency department. He is respected by the nursing staff and providers for his years of wisdom - he knows just what to say. He is able to bring a diverse team together and encourage all to share feelings and thoughts in a safe place," said Eskenazi nurse, Tracy Martin.

His colleagues often turned to him when they needed a sounding board. 

"I know I can come to him with a dilemma I am facing and know he will give me a different way of looking at it. I am always in awe of how he is able to find the core issue and articulate how we should consider various solutions to problems," said Dr. Tyler Stepsis.

Dr. Sloan expects excellence from himself and from everyone around him. Those who work with him say he strives to be well informed and up on the latest in emergency medicine. His incredible standard is something most attempt to meet because he is an amazing example. His colleagues say he is also a giant goofball.

"He has been known to moonwalk down the hall and always has a giant grin on his face. His greeting to the patients, 'Hello, I'm Dr. Sloan' in his sing-song cadence always made patients feel at ease, "said Karen Cunningham, a nurse at Eskenazi.

Whether it's buying pizza for the department on a busy, stressful night, moon walking down halls, or advocating for his patients, he has an outstanding reputation that will be greatly missed and admired by the emergency medicine team for years to come.