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SpaceX9 Launch


Photo Courtesy of SpaceX Flickr Page

As you may have heard, early last Monday morning (7/18/16) SpaceX-9 was successfully launched.  This successful launch means that our launch date is “firm” for Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2016, barring weather or any other issues.  Since Dr. Kacena is a VA non-clinician scientist, our laboratory has DoD funding, and our spaceflight study is funded by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command, we feel this is a very fortuitous date for us, and we are very excited for the upcoming launch!  Summer has been busy, but productive, in our laboratory between preparations for the spaceflight, summer projects for medical students, and other continuing research efforts.  If you have time you can watch the launch in this video:


Written by James Fischer


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