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Introducing our Newest Team Member: Liming Zhao, MD

The combined experience of 17 years of orthopaedic clinic work in China and 15 years of basic research work in the US provides me a powerful synergy towards my skeletal research.

As a surgeon I have been engaged in treating patients with bone disorders and have conducted various operations including bone surgery.  My clinical experience gradually changed my career path towards basic research in orthopaedics.

I have a demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects in the area of mechanotransduction of bone and joints. My research includes both in vivo animal studies and in vitro molecular and cellular works. I have used animal unloading and loading models to investigate mechanotransduction, fracture models to examine bone formation and remodeling. I have also developed genetically modified, transgenic/knockout mice.  Now I look forward to my new career opportunity by working closely with Dr. Kacena on her spaceflight bone healing studies.




Written by Liming Zhao

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Carl Pinkham