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Margaret A. McNulty

Dr. McNulty received her PhD from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, then pursued a research-intensive post-doctoral fellowship at Rush University Medical Center. She taught anatomy to professional veterinary students and maintai...

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COVID-19 Pandemic Underscores the Need to Incorporate One Health into Interprofessional Education

There are many lessons we need to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them should be the importance of including veterinary medicine in interprofessional education and collaboration activities during medical training and practice.

Margaret A. McNulty  |  Feb 11, 2021

Preparing Professional Students for Anatomy Curricula

Educators in professional schools, whether it be human medical or veterinary medical, place importance on ensuring the students who pass through their courses are adequately prepared for subsequent coursework in their academic career, and/or clinical rotations and clerkships. This is true for anatomy educators, as proper anatomy knowledge is the foundation for practicing medicine. Often, […]

Margaret A. McNulty  |  Feb 01, 2018