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Sarah Lang

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Teaching Professor Tips App

You know that trusted colleague who always has a smart way of solving some of the stickiest teaching problems? The one who’s a rich repository of pedagogically effective techniques, new ideas, strategies that work and pragmatic things you can do in the college classroom? Now you can access all that knowledge in a free app.

Sarah Lang  |  Jul 07, 2015

Tips for Maximizing the Impact of PowerPoint Presentations, Part II

Last week, I shared two tips for maximizing the impact of your PowerPoint presentations while keeping “Death by PowerPoint” at bay. Keeping with the “less is more” theme presented in Tip #2, this tip shifts more towards aesthetics.   Tip #3: Engage, Don’t Distract The last way to maximize the impact of your PowerPoint is […]

Sarah Lang  |  Aug 29, 2014

Tips for Maximizing the Impact of PowerPoint Presentations – Part I

We’ve all experienced it and, let’s admit it, we’ve all done it: we have ALL created ineffective PowerPoint presentations at one time or another. And despite our best efforts to forge ahead, we have all been victims (and, some of us, perpetrators!) of “Death by PowerPoint”.   Over the next two weeks, I will share three […]

Sarah Lang  |  Aug 22, 2014