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Jenny Brown

Assistant Director, Strategic Communications

In her strategic communications role, Jenny Brown leads digital strategy for IU School of Medicine, which includes medical education and research entities that span all 26 academic departments and nine campuses. Trained as a journalist and born with a pa...

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Early autism evaluation helps child ‘take off like a rocket ship’

Hunter Dodson’s mom noticed early on that something might be different about her son.

He always seemed to be a few months behind other kids his age in reaching developmental milestones. As he grew, Sarah Dodson became increasingly worried. At 5 months, Hunter was not interested in trying solid foods. He wasn’t rolling over or even babbling. By 12 months he hadn’t taken his first steps.

Jenny Brown  |  Apr 30, 2019

Financial Toxicity: The untreated side effect of breast cancer treatment

By: Jenny Brown When most people think about side effects of breast cancer treatment, they think about losing their hair during chemotherapy or enduring blistered skin from radiation therapy. What rarely comes to mind is the stress that comes with the costs of treatment—known as the financial toxicity—that often drives critical decisions for patients. Research […]

Jenny Brown  |  Jun 05, 2018