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Holly Paauwe

Rotation Coordinator

Holly Paauwe is the rotation coordinator for the Community Pediatrics and Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics residency rotations at IU School of Medicaid. Holly is a family leader and advocate for children with special health care needs and their famili...

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Pediatric Community Advocacy Rotation – Care Mapping: Connecting with Our Essential Community Partners to Optimize Patient Care

By Elizabeth Kinsella, MD PGY-1, Categorical Pediatrics Resident Elizabeth Kinsella is a first-year resident in Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine with interests in primary care, hospitalist medicine, weight management, and advocacy.  -Blog originally submitted 7/22/19; patient info in blog text and photo has been changed to ensure privacy As part of my Community […]

Holly Paauwe  |  Dec 18, 2019