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MSTP Office Hours: Dr. Johnathan Tune, PhD

“Dr. Tune for President” Johnathan Tune, PhD, is a name that is well-known and loved among first- and second-year graduate students. Following one of his lectures, it is not unusual to hear the phrase, “Dr. Tune for Class President,” from his students. Dr. Tune’s office is a statement of his passion for learning and his […]

Hannah Kline  |  Apr 03, 2019

Everything Will Be Fine: A Motto for Step 1 Survival

There are some things that are unavoidable as a medical student. Almost passing out in cadaver lab, studying diagrams of genitals while waiting at the mechanic’s, and standardized testing are a few such things. Step 1 is a beast that everybody deals with at the end of their second year, and it will absorb every […]

Hannah Kline  |  Feb 20, 2019

MSTP Office Hours: Dr. Gary Landreth, PhD

Background Dr. Landreth joined IU in 2017 as a professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology and the associate director of education at the Stark Neuroscience Research Institute. Shortly after coming to IU, Dr. Landreth also took on the role of director of the Medical Neuroscience graduate program. Once he gained this title, Dr. Landreth worked […]

Hannah Kline  |  Dec 04, 2018

MSTP Office Hours: Dr. Raghu Mirmira, MD, PhD

Diversity Dr. Raghu Mirmira has defined his career with one word: diversity. As professor of pediatrics and medicine, director of the Diabetes Center, director of the Wells Center, and co-director of the MSTP, Dr. Mirmira has incorporated a multitude of disciplines into his career. He describes his work as a quartet of jobs that each […]

Hannah Kline  |  Oct 25, 2018

Hoosiers Meet High Elevation: Adventures from the National MD/PhD Conference

By Katie Andrews Each year, over one hundred MD/PhD students from across the United States gather at 10,000 feet of elevation in Keystone, Colorado for a weekend of learning, laughing, and cathartic commiserating over the unique experience of being a dual degree trainee.  The small talk revolves around everyone’s breathlessness- at the sheer beauty of […]

Hannah Kline  |  Oct 03, 2018

Office Hours: Dr. Maureen Harrington, PhD

Brief Bio Dr. Maureen Harrington’s office encapsulates the great successes of her life and career. Memorabilia in her office illustrates her commitment to her field and her undeniable pride of her work, her students, and above all, her daughter, Colleen. Colleen’s drawings and notes to her mother share wall space with awards, souvenirs from past […]

Hannah Kline  |  Sep 20, 2018