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Debbie Ungar

Communications Manager

As communications manager for the IU Center for Global Health and AMPATH, Debbie shares stories about the university's partnerships to improve health care in Kenya and around the world. Contact her at 317-278-0827 or

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Global Health Leaders Inspire Slemenda Scholar

Neal Patel is a second year medical student at IU School of Medicine. He was one of three students selected by the IU Center for Global Health as a 2021 Slemenda Scholar for the AMPATH Kenya partnership.  Patel shares how this summer’s experience was uniquely impacted by COVID-19.

Debbie Ungar  |  Sep 10, 2021

Student Aspires for Future in Global Surgery

Cassie Anderson is a second year student at the IU School of Medicine and was one of three students selected by the IU Center for Global Health as Slemenda Scholars in the summer of 2021. Anderson shares how the experience built on her previous research interest and impacted her view of global health.

Debbie Ungar  |  Sep 02, 2021

Scheel Lab Interrupts Mosquito Development to Fight Global Disease

From her lab in northern Indiana, Molly Duman Scheel, PhD, prepares weapons to battle the deadliest animal on earth. Her target has no teeth or claws and can’t be killed with bullets, slings or arrows.

Debbie Ungar  |  Aug 05, 2021

Slemenda Experience Reveals Roots of Global Health Interest

Joshua Matthews is one of three IU School of Medicine students selected as Slemenda Scholars this summer by the IU Center for Global Health. Matthews shares how this summer’s experience ties back to his childhood memories of AMPATH.

Debbie Ungar  |  Jul 30, 2021

Dr. Humphrey Receives NIH Career Development Award for HIV Research

Researching new strategies to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to babies aligns with the training and clinical interests of John Humphrey, MD, assistant professor of medicine at IU School of Medicine. But when he met mothers and healthcare workers in Kenya and listened to their stories, the interest became a passion.



Debbie Ungar  |  May 25, 2021

Trainees Confront Diverse Global Health Challenges

Global Health Scholars Day, hosted each spring by the Indiana University Center for Global Health, spotlights diverse global health challenges and explores solutions envisioned by members of the IU community and their global collaborators.

Debbie Ungar  |  Apr 26, 2021

IU Med Students Selected for Global Health Opportunity

Doctors practicing in resource-limited settings domestically or globally know that flexibility and resourcefulness are job requirements. Three first-year medical students selected as 2021 Slemenda Scholars by the Indiana University (IU) Center for Global Health have the opportunity to hone those skills early.

Debbie Ungar  |  Mar 28, 2021

Partnerships Aid Pandemic Response Locally and Globally

Decades of working to strengthen health systems and fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kenya provided the expertise that informed the COVID-19 response in both western Kenya and In Indiana.

Debbie Ungar  |  Feb 23, 2021

New Global Health Track Residents Bring Personal and Professional Experience

Twenty-nine residents joining the IU School of Medicine Interdepartmental Global Health Residency Track this spring bring a multitude of personal and professional experiences to the program coordinated by the Indiana University Center for Global Health (IUCGH).

Debbie Ungar  |  Feb 20, 2021

Residents Complete Global Health Track

Sixteen IU School of Medicine residents completed the requirements for the interdisciplinary Global Health Residency Track and received certificates from the IU Center for Global Health this spring. 

Debbie Ungar  |  Sep 24, 2020