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Charity Upson-Taboas

Assistant Instructor

I am a graduate student at Indiana University Bloomington. I studied the effects of animations on learning cardiovascular embryology for my Masters in Anatomy Education. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Anthropology, studying the effects of diabetes on the skeleton and what diabetes looks like in archaeological context.

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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Pedagogy Training Workshop, Part 1

By Charity F. Upson-Taboas, M.S., M.A. 1,2 Amberly Reynolds, M.S. 1 Theodore C. Smith, M.S. 1 Melissa Taylor, M.S. 1 1 Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, IU School of Medicine – Bloomington 2 Department of Anthropology, Indiana University – Bloomington   Introduction: We are Assistant Instructors (AIs) teaching laboratory sections of our school’s undergraduate […]

Charity Upson-Taboas  |  Oct 17, 2017