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Aubrey Kenefick

Aubrey Kenefick is a third-year medical student at IU School of Medicine and a Graduate Assistant for the IU Center for Bioethics. She is currently taking a gap year in her medical education to pursue a Master’s Degree in Philosophy with a concentration in Bioethics at IUPUI.

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Vaccinating in Indiana

I was a volunteer vaccinator for 94 hours during the COVID pandemic. Keep reading to find out about some of the patients I met and their concerns about the vaccine.

Aubrey Kenefick  |  Jul 06, 2021

Pain and Prejudice

On November 4, 2020, Dr. Colin Halverson delivered a Fairbanks Ethics Lecture entitled, "Pain & Prejudice." Click to find out more about Dr. Halverson's talk and find links to the recorded session. 

Aubrey Kenefick  |  Nov 12, 2020

AI Disruption of Bioethics

Dr. Eric Meslin, PhD, FCAHS, recently spoke to the IU Center for Bioethics on the infiltration of artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare and its potential to wreak bioethical havoc in a presentation entitled, “How Will AI Disrupt Healthcare, and Bioethics?” In this IUCB blog post, I’ll introduce Dr. Meslin, and then discuss his talk.

Aubrey Kenefick  |  Oct 14, 2020

Free the Vaccine

In this post, Professor Laura Holzman of the Herron School of Art and Design, and Professor Steve Lambert, of the School of Film and Media at SUNY Purchase, describe their new exhibit supporting free access to COVID-19 research and vaccination. The show is a combination virtual and in-person exhibition that seeks to educate visitors about advocacy, barriers to healthcare, and open science.

Aubrey Kenefick  |  Sep 25, 2020