Teacher Learner Advocacy Committee

The Teacher Learner Advocacy Committee (TLAC) at IU School of Medicine helps to foster a positive and professional learning environment by sponsoring initiatives, outreach and educational programming aimed at enhancing communication and professionalism in all learning environments.

The Teacher Learner Advocacy Committee monitors reports of mistreatment and other indicators of the learning environment and provides a critical advisory role for the School’s efforts to ensure a professional teaching and learning environment. Committee members provide support and strategic feedback to School leadership and the Ombuds Office.

Committee Membership

The Teacher Learner Advocacy Committee is comprised of faculty, students, residents and staff with representation from the regional campuses, and functions in an advisory role on the prevention of mistreatment and enhancement of professionalism in the teaching and learning environment. View the roster of TLAC participants.

Unsure how to report mistreatment?

IU School of Medicine strongly encourages students and faculty who believe they’ve experienced or witnessed mistreatment to report it. The primary and preferred method of reporting mistreatment is through the Mistreatment Incident Report Form.

Report Mistreatment