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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What is INGEN4DS?

    The Indiana Genomics Research Training Program for Data Scientists (INGEN4DS) offers practical training for students in data science-related master’s degree programs who plan to pursue a career in the genomics workforce or a doctoral degree focused on genomic data science.

  • What is the purpose of INGEN4DS?
    • Provide practical training and hands-on research experience in genomics data analysis.
    • Prepare and encourage a diverse pool of talented master’s degree students in data science related programs
    • to enter the genomics workforce   
    • or a PhD program in a genomics data science-related field.
  • Are there research opportunities at IUPUI and IUB campuses?

    Yes, there are mentors available on both campuses.

  • What do students do during the program?
    Research projects

    Following completion of up to three lab rotations, INGEN4DS scholars, in consultation with their master’s degree program and potential laboratory mentors, choose a co-mentor team. Each scholar will have at least one research project with the potential of leading to a publishable research paper. Scholars will participate in weekly laboratory meetings and will present their ongoing research results.

    Genomics-related coursework

    Based on the INGEN4DS scholar’s individualized development plan, academic support and additional coursework will be recommended by the faculty mentors to improve the scholar’s knowledge in the genomics field.

    Genomics data science journal club

    INGEN4DS scholars will attend a weekly journal club and will present a scientific article once a month.

    Research presentations

    Each INGEN4DS scholar will present their research results at a regional or national computational biology conference. Travel funds will be provided.

    Professional development activities

    INGEN4DS scholars will participate in a weekly genomics and health data science seminar series featuring invited speakers from academia, industry, and health care institutions. Each speaker will introduce the role of genomic data science in their work and will host a Q&A session related to their career path.


    INGEN4DS scholars will receive feedback on a monthly basis regarding their progress toward the goals laid out in their individual development plan. Mid-program evaluations will be held with scholars. Scholars will present their research progress and discuss their career goals.

  • Is this a paid training program?

    Yes, each INGEN4DS scholar receives a stipend of $19,200 paid in monthly increments to their bursar account. However, the stipend is not a salary and no health benefits are included.

  • Will I be able to present my research findings at a national conference?

    Yes, students will have a travel allowance of $1,000 for attendance and presentation at national conferences.

  • Is summer housing provided?

    No, housing is not provided.

  • What are the start and end dates of the program?

    January Cohort - 1st week of January through the 1st week of December

    June Cohort - 1st week of June through the 1st week of May

  • Will there be any required course work?

    Yes, MGEN-Q 581 Introduction to Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (3 cr), offered in the fall semester, is a required course.

  • Will I receive tuition allowance?

    Yes, the program will pay for nine credit hours of genomics-related course work or thesis/project credits with pre-approval of the program directors.


  • Which master’s degree programs are eligible? 
    • Fairbanks School of Public Health: Biostatistics
    • School of Informatics and Computing: Applied Data Science
    • School of Science: Computational Data Science
    • School of Science: Computer Information Science
    • School of Science: Math-Applied Statistics
    • School of Science: Mathematics
    • Purdue School of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (IUPUI campus)
    Indiana University Bloomington
    • IU Graduate School: Statistical Science 
    • Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering: Data Science
    • Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering: Computer Science

  • Am I required to be a US Citizen or permanent resident to apply? 

    Yes, U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is a requirement.

  • Is this program only for underrepresented students in biomedical sciences?

    INGEN4DS is committed to ensuring diversity in selecting outstanding scholars to participate in the program, but is not limited to those from underrepresented backgrounds. Individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups underrepresented in the biomedical sciences, first-generation college students, individuals with disabilities, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • What year of school should I apply for the training program?
    You may apply concurrently with your Master’s degree program application or anytime following acceptance into your Master’s degree program. Consultation with your Master’s degree program director is advised.
  • Can I apply if I am not in good standing?

    No, you need to be in good standing in your master’s degree program.

  • If I am at a different university, can I apply to INGEN4DS?

    No, you must be enrolled in a data science-related master’s degree program on the IUPUI or IUB campuses. 

  • Do I need prior experience in laboratory research?

    No, laboratory experience is not required.

  • Do I need to have a certain GPA?

    Yes, the minimum GPA is 3.0.

Application Procedure

  • Is there a deadline for submission of the application?
    The deadline for the January cohort is October 31st and the June cohort is March 31st.
  • Do I need to identify a research mentor before applying?

    No, you will meet the mentors during orientation and lab rotations.

  • Do I need to submit my resume/CV?

    The CV/resume is optional, but you are strongly encouraged to submit one.

  • Will I be able to choose my mentor(s)?

    Yes, but there must be agreement between the mentor and student. 

  • Do I need to submit my undergraduate transcript?

    Yes, you will submit your transcript from your undergraduate degree institution with your application.

  • Do I need to submit a letter of recommendation?

    Yes, you will need to request a letter of recommendation from an academic faculty member. They should email their letter to

  • To whom should my references mail their recommendation letter?

    Please ask your references to email their recommendation letter to