Alzheimer's disease

The projected rise in Alzheimer's disease cases underscores the urgency of finding effective treatments, as current options only manage symptoms. Early intervention before significant cognitive decline is vital, necessitating reliable biomarkers to identify at-risk individuals. Promising research on quantitative cerebral blood flow suggests its potential as an early biomarker, but further studies are needed to fully understand its spatiotemporal patterns in Alzheimer's disease and to account for potential confounding factors in analyses.


Images of brain scans for Alzheimer's

Active Research

Grant: R01AG083951
PI: Yu-Chien Wu and Scott Snyder

Grant: R01AG085547
PI: Shannon Risacher

Grant: R01 PAR-22-093
PI: E. Miller, E. and David Haas

Grant: R01AG047992
PI: P. Newhouse, P.  and Andrew Saykin

Grant: U54AG054345
PI: Bruce Lamb, Adrian Oblak and Paul Territo

Grant: P30AG072976
PI: Andrew Saykin

Grant: R01AG061788
PI: Shannon Risacher

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