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Leadership and Administration
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Administrative Affairs

Supporting the broader mission

Administrative Services

Under the leadership of Jamie Dimond, MBA, the IU School of Medicine Office of Finance and Administrative Services delivers quality services in human resources, financial affairs, decision support, facilities management, research and compliance administration, information technology, process improvement, and internal communications to all faculty, staff and learners of IU School of Medicine, to improve the health and well-being of our global community through medical education, research and clinical care.

Facility Improvements

IU School of Medicine is involved in several large-scale projects aimed at improving the design, comfort, convenience and usability of campus spaces. Among the largest of these projects, renovations to the fourth and fifth floors of the VanNuys Medical Science Building at the Indianapolis campus are intended to help in program and professorship recruitment. The Daly Center at the Indianapolis campus is also undergoing renovations to make the space more functional for students, faculty and staff. Upgrades include new furnishings and amenities for a student lounge, updated study areas, and new equipment, safety features and flooring in the fitness center.

Facility Upgrades at IU School of Medicine Campuses

Facility upgrade projects are underway at several IU School of Medicine campuses. At the Evansville campus, the Multi-Institutional Academic Health and Science Research Center, which is set to complete in 2018, is in the final design stages. The IU School of Medicine-Bloomington campus will be included in the new Regional Academic Health Center, part of the new IU Health Bloomington Hospital, which will be completed in 2020. IU School of Medicine-Northwest-Gary is currently being evaluated for an expansion to its existing gross anatomy laboratory, and the Terre Haute campus is being evaluated for a laboratory renovation.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

The IU School of Medicine Human Resources team leads talent acquisition and employee development across the school through its work in recruitment, onboarding, coaching and professional development. Additionally, the group works in concert with other university and IU Health leaders to support human capital strategies aligned with their respective missions.

To achieve its mission to advance health in the state of Indiana and beyond by promoting innovation and excellence in education, research and patient care, the Office of Administrative Services at IU School of Medicine ensures the fiscal integrity and welfare of the entire statewide campus community. By adhering to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency, the school is able to meet its most ambitious objectives.

Aligning Resources with Business Intelligence

Aligning Resources with Business Intelligence

The school’s Business Intelligence team enables the use of data in support of decision support. In addition, the team supports strategic efforts through the use of process improvement and project management best practices to maximize operational efficiencies.

Educational Operations

The Educational Operations Team supports strategic financial and operational topics and projects. Providing leadership to the dean’s office and the business staff at all nine statewide campuses, the team participates in the creation of policies, practices and procedures that enable the school to maximize educational resources.

Standards and Procedures

Find policies, guidelines and standards that govern IU School of Medicine and protect the collaborative learning and working environment.

School Policies