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We’re not merely “surviving”, a different perspective.

Short post today because we’re in the beginning of exam week:

Often times medical students feel like they’re merely “surviving” from day to day, test block to test block or rotation to rotation. I’d like to disagree. We are capable of thinking and synthesizing in ways that very few could even imagine, we have the promise of a tremendously celebrated and rewarding career and… most of us are doing what we’ve always been dreaming of. How is this the definition of survival? Now, I acknowledge (as do many of my friends and family members) that I am a huge optimist… but this life that we lead as medical professionals is far from survival and it only takes a short visit with a patient literally fighting for their life to be reminded of this.

Take note of the sun shining when it does, a complete stranger saying hello or your favorite song on the radio… enjoy the little things and never forget to smile. Share your joy with those around you and I hope that your light outshines the darkness that may be looming ahead. We are living (and living well) not simply surviving.

I’ll leave you with a HAPPY song: