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Hello, everyone, and thank you for visiting my IUSM Tour the Life Blog!  I’m going to be blogging this fall semester of 2015.  I’ll use this first entry as a brief introduction and will expand on it and other topics in future posts. I’m also always open to thematic suggestions from you, so please send any my way!

My name is Amy Fuhs. I was born in Kansas but mostly grew up in Munster, Indiana. I attended Indiana University Bloomington and graduated in 2012 with degrees in Spanish, Chemistry, and Neuroscience. From there I went directly to medical school and completed my first three years at IUSM’s South Bend campus.

I am currently doing a yearlong NIH-sponsored global health research fellowship, for which I have been living in Lima, Peru, since mid-July. I plan to return to Indiana next June to complete my fourth year as part of the IUSM Class of 2017.

I hope that this blog provides a unique and useful perspective for students considering nontraditional routes in medicine and for those potentially interested in global health or international opportunities during medical school. (And I’d love to hear from you!)

Further, I have had a truly wonderful experience with Indiana University thus far, both during undergraduate and medical school, and I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about either as well. Feel free to contact me through this blog.

Until next week,