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Prevent Burnout with Mental Health Services Team


Starting medical school is an incredibly exciting time for nearly all incoming learners: new opportunities, dreams coming true, and feeling ready to solve the world’s problems. The last thing on your mind at this time is burnout. Yes, you realize you will feel overwhelmed at times. Yes, you know the studying will not cease. Yes, you are prepared to do the hard work it takes to become a physician or to train in your specialty. The last thing on your mind is worrying about adjustment to a new city or state or balancing your study/work life with your social life.

We are so excited by your enthusiasm. Beginnings are fun, albeit a bit scary. New opportunities give rise to adrenaline and energy. This is an amazing time in your life. You are on top of the world!

And, at the same time, we want you to know that we are here to share in your excitement, as well as in your difficulties. IUSM’s Mental Health Services Team is active and ready to assist you with achieving better balance in your life, gaining stress-reduction tools, improving communication skills, managing relationships, reducing substance abuse, coping with mental health concerns, and promoting resilience and overall, better health. Our goal is to assist you in becoming the best physician you can be. Don’t wait till your functioning has decreased; remember, prevention is best!

Our team consists of a psychiatrist (separate from the psychiatry department), Dr. Samia Hasan, a licensed psychologist (who has been with IUSM for nearly 20 years!), Dr. Suzanne Kunkle, and myself, a licensed clinical social worker. Call 317-278-2381 or email any of us if you’d like to know more!

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Jessica Fultz

Therapist, Program Manager

Recent Cajun transplant to Indianapolis! Favorites include coffee, my 3 year old daughter, travel, reading, and cycling on the Monon trail.