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Nice to meet you- my name is Nathan Delafield, Student Doctor.


I have the pleasure of becoming a new Tour the Life blogger for Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) and this excites me for a few different reasons. First, I can still remember sitting in my undergraduate library (ASU- GO SUN DEVILS!) reading about other students’ experiences as they progressed through medical school, just hoping that one day I would also have similar opportunities. Second, my path to medicine has been one of tremendous intrinsic and cerebral motivation… Life’s various experiences often propel you in a certain direction and you decide to follow that path, this was true of my choice to become a physician and I hope that this blog, my anecdotes can reach someone that may have a similar (rather unconventional) background. Lastly, I am very happy that I now have a forum to reflect on the incredible moments that we as medical students get to experience daily.

If you haven’t yet read the brief introduction provided below my photo, here is my brief introduction. I’m 24 years old and a 2.4 year medical student (In just over a month this Fall semester will be OVEERRRRR). Born and raised in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona) and I was raised for the majority of my youth (age 8-18) in the foster care. They often say that it takes a village to raise a child and when I say that I have a VILLAGE of a family, I mean that. These are those people that have given me strength and encouragement throughout the years and continue to see the potential in ME even when it’s difficult to see myself. As an out-of-state student it can be difficult living so far from those that you love so much but I assure you, the moments that we have together are everything!

We have an exam-block coming up so I will leave you with a glimpse into our exam week and I will catch-up with you after the smoke has cleared!

Pharmacology Exam 2: Wednesday November 13 12PM-1:30PM

General Pathology + Lab Exam 2: November 15 9AM-3PM

Neurology Exam 2: November 18 8AM-11:30AM

Introduction to Clinical Medicine Exam 2 (Endocrinology, Heme/Onc): November 19 1PM-3:30PM