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Meet the Class of 2023 Orientation Committee

Orientation Committee 2023 Jump

Welcome to Indiana University School of Medicine, Class of 2023! Meet the Orientation Committee, a group of second-year medical students who are here to connect you with people and resources at the school before, during and after orientation this fall. Who exactly are these Orientation Committee students? Find out by reading each student’s bio!

Haider Al-Awadi

Portrait of Haider Al-Awadi

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Campus: Indianapolis
  • Why I joined the Orientation Committee: I am the president of the Class of 2022. I would like help the Class of 2023 get acquainted and settled in. I am excited to aid incoming students with their journey to becoming physicians!
  • Fun facts: I am Iraqi of origin. I was born in Saudi Arabia but have been raised in Indianapolis for majority of my life. I went to Pike High School, then IU-Bloomington for my undergraduate studies. Afterwards, I took a gap year to do IU School of Medicine’s MSMS program.

Shannon Jager

Portrait of Shannon Jager

  • Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
  • Campus: Indianapolis
  • Why I joined the Orientation Committee: The Orientation Committee was a really cool group of people last year that I felt comfortable approaching and getting to know when I was new to the school. I loved having some second-year friends right from the get-go, and I want to be that friendly face for as many incoming first-year students as I can be!
  • Fun factsI love hiking, dogs, volleyball, eating, golf carts, baseball games, reading and traveling. I’m really down for any activity! I found my way into medicine, because I love nothing more than being with people and leaving them feeling like I helped make their day at least a little better. It is incredible the impact physicians can have on people, and I am so grateful every day for the opportunity to learn to become an amazing physician next to such amazing peers!

Deena Mohamed

Deena Mohammed

  • Hometown: Plainfield, Indiana
  • Campus: Indianapolis
  • Why I joined the Orientation Committee: When I joined IU School of Medicine, I joined a family. The school provides a great education, great resources, but most importantly, a large supportive family. The low competition environment reduces stress and allows classmates to connect and guide each other to succeed. Since IU School of Medicine is the largest and one of the most diverse medical schools in the United States, I wanted to be able to be a familiar face and to help the students fall in love with the school! All of my friends joke and call me “The Mom.” That fits in perfectly with being part of the Orientation Committee!
  • Fun facts: I am a non-traditional student and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in aviation.

Jered Schenk

Jered Schenk

  • ​​Hometown: Evansville, Indiana ​
  • Campus: Evansville, Indiana
  • Why I joined the Orientation Committee: I remember coming in to medical school with enthusiasm, but at the same time I was extremely nervous about what was to come. I joined the Orientation Committee in hopes of taking the things I have learned over the past year and sharing them with the Class of 2023, so they can feel a bit more comfortable during this transitional period. The first year of medical school is challenging. However, with the right mindset and preparation, you can make some amazing memories; I am excited for the opportunity to share some of mine with next year’s class.
  • Fun facts: I never lose at Mario Kart. Ever.

Georgia Lea Williams

Georgia Lea Williams

  • Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
  • Campus: Indianapolis
  • Why I joined the Orientation Committee: I’m most excited to welcome the incoming class and hopefully help answer their questions.
  • Fun facts: I want to work overseas or do something with global health care.


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