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Engagements, Finals and Step 1!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for my absence. With the end of the school year, finals and Step 1 looming in the next 2 weeks I will keep it brief but I have had so much happen since my last post! First, March 15th I proposed to the woman of my dreams and she fortunately accepted :) We were able to share the evening with our closest family and friends in Arizona and celebrate! With the engagement set we’ve started our wedding planning and are going to become Mr. and Mrs. Delafield November 29, 2014!

Our photographer caught the moment!

The school year ended really strong. At the end of each semester we typically have the last unit exam, departmental final exams and THEN NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) finals… so we are really pushed to the limit in those final weeks and days. Fortunately I have been studying fairly regularly for my comprehensive board exam (Step 1) since October so everything went really well! I take Step 1 on May 27th and I am really looking forward to knocking it out of the park… I’ve worked and continue to work very hard for this and I am confident that it’ll all work out in my favor.

Additionally, I am officially a 3rd year medical student! (I wonder how long it’ll be till they change my status on the blog website ;)) I got the exact schedule sequence that I wanted this year and I’ll end with Internal Medicine so I am really looking forward to building my knowledge-base this year and developing my skills as a student-physician so I can impress a few folks on the medicine rotation. Here is my complete schedule:

I will update you all once I’ve started Surgery Subspecialty in June! Till then.. Be Blessed!