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Back at IT! (But let me reflect)

Hello all!

Sorry that it’s been so long. With the Fall Semester ending and the Holiday break commencing I had little time to sit and write but we are BACK AT IT!

The Fall semester ended very strong. In the second year (at the Indianapolis campus) we have a continuation of Pharmacology, Introduction to Clinical Medicine II into the second semester while we have just completed Clinical Neurology and General Pathology. This semester to replace those courses we will continue into a more systemic approach to Pathology and we will have a very brief tour of Biostatistics (tested on Step1 but not emphasized in any other course). We have started with cardiology and I can tell that this semester (MY FINAL SEMESTER OF CLASSES) is going to be a good… excuse me.. GREAT one ending with the grand finale USMLE  STEP1 exam May 27, 2014.


I had a wonderful chance to relax in BEAUTIFUL and WARM Scottsdale, Arizona with my amazing girlfriend Jessica, her family, my family and friends. We hiked mountains (Jessica wasn’t particularly excited about this.. but she humored me), we traveled to Las Vegas TWICE (once as a family and Jessica and I went on NYE to see John Legend perform), we laughed and had an opportunity to regenerate for the final lap in what we call M2. Oh.. I was also able to study for Step1 by completing a UWorld Question Bank of 2,000+ questions. Lastly, I was able to extend my holiday break for nearly 4 days due to #Snowpocalypse2014 (I really was overjoyed). With all that said, I can confidently say that my cup runneth over and I am so grateful for my amazing girlfriend, family and friends for providing me with such a wonderful reprieve over the last month. Love y’all!

NYE in Vegas for the John Legend concert!

2/3 nephews celebrating their Christmas Present victories!

My version of a winter wonderland!

Back to work. Scientific tidbit: Mitral Valve Prolapse is the most common valvular abnormality. It is often congenital and it is characterized by a systolic ejection crescendo murmur with a mid-systolic clicking sound that is best heard near the S2 sound.

Keep loving, keep smiling, keep studying, and always remember your “why”.