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1/8 MD

So the end of the semester is finally here. What a hustle. Coming into med school a lot of friends always told me how much hard work medical school was. I always imagined it would be hard work…but I was so wrong! Indeed, it was more than hard work, it was a real grind, a real hustle, more like survival of the fittest. The first block of exam was a total cake. It was all basically review from undergrad and grad school. It was more like “uh this med school? I can definitely do this!”. But then came the second block and third block and it got real. Everyday was a fight to get out of bed. Trying to find a balance between studying, sleeping, eating, and working out was hard. I specially think Anatomy was just such a killer class. Not because the class was hard but because of the immense amount of work it took to just prepare for each lecture and dissection. To me, anatomy has always been like the girl you like, the girl you hit on, but she plays soon hard to get. Nevertheless, and thanks to God and my classmates, I was able to win her heart and Survive!

Overall, this first semester of medical has been very humbling. I thought I knew how to study, how to prepare for exams and for this medical school life but looking back now I can say I have a different outlook about medical school and my medical career. Im just glad this first semester is done, that I have 3 weeks to sleep 10 hours a day, and definitely work out! Plus, going back home to where people usually vacation is always a plus! #Miami

Finals…250 hrs of studying over the last 4 weeks