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IU School of Medicine is on track to set another research funding record in 2020. It's an amazing accomplishment when you consider the research labs were hibernated due to COVID-19.

Record-setting research submissions

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Dear IU School of Medicine Researchers,

It’s a pleasure to be leading research at IU School of Medicine. I continue to learn more about our research programs and how they are advancing our research standing as one of the top-ranked medical schools in the nation.

As you know, a critical component to being a top-ranked academic research institution is research funding, particularly NIH funding. Indiana University School of Medicine has seen tremendous growth in our research funding and it is essential that we continue this upward trend.

In calendar year March 15-July 15, 2020, we set another record for school research funding as a whole. We received 339 new awards totaling nearly $75 million, up significantly from the 287 awards that were funded in 2019 during the same timeframe and totaling nearly $56 million.

Furthermore, according to data provided by the school's Office of Research Administration during the same time period, a time during which the majority of our research labs were hibernated due to COVID-19, we submitted an unprecedented 161 new NIH grant submissions totaling in excess of $94 million. These numbers far exceed the 123 new NIH grant submissions totaling more than $54 million, made during the same time frame, one year prior.

To say we used our time wisely during the COVID-19 lab hibernation period is an understatement. These accomplishments are even more impressive when you consider 2019 was also a record-setting year for school research funding.

We have been able to continue to move our research programs forward because of the collaborative spirit of our institution and the resilience of our faculty, both professionally and personally, in the face of the many challenges COVID-19 has brought to us.

Please take a minute to congratulate yourselves and then let’s continue on this unprecedented research funding path.


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Tatiana Foroud, PhD
Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine
Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs for Clinical Research, IU Health

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