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As COVID-19 rates continue to rise, we need to continue to work together for the sake of our community.

IU Contact Tracing

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Dear IU School of Medicine Researchers,

We are all concerned about the rising rates of COVID-19 in our community, state and nation. Indiana University instituted mitigation testing and contact tracing to rapidly identify cases and reduce the spread of COVID-19. The IUPUI campus has been actively engaged in these efforts and our compliance rates for both mitigation testing and contact tracking approaches 90%. I want to thank everyone for their participation.

While some universities have gone with proximity tracking apps to determine the close contact of individuals, IU has purposefully opted to use a human-based contact tracing effort designed to protect a person’s privacy and ensure integrity. However, we can’t manage what we can’t measure. So, as rates continue to rise, we need to continue to work together for the sake of our community.

Should you be contacted for mitigation testing or contact tracing, please cooperate. Our health depends on this.


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Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine

Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs for Clinical Research, IU Health

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