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Save the Date (June 10-21, 2024) for Advanced Statistics Summer Workshop

Biostatistics Summer Workshop

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Department of Biostatistics and Health Data Science

Explore Advanced Statistical Topics with Our New Summer Workshop

Join us June 10-21 for a comprehensive summer workshop featuring four courses of advanced statistical topics commonly encountered in medical research. The workshop is tailored for physicians, scientists, and researchers actively engaged in biomedical research. The first two courses will be available in 2024. All four courses will be offered in the summer of 2025.

Course 1: Advanced Study Design (9 am-12 pm)

  • Early and late phase clinical trials: adaptive designs, interim analysis, non-inferiority trials, master protocol trials
  • Programmatic trials: cluster randomized trials, stepped-wedge design
  • Study design for causal inference, Mendelian randomization, mediation analyses
  • Psychometric methods: design and analysis to assess reliability and validity of scales that measure psychosocial constructs
  • Data quality and reproducibility of results
  • Study implementation

Course 2: Advanced Statistical Models (1-4 pm)

  • Generalized linear models for categorical data: logistic, log-linear models
  • Mixed effects models: longitudinal and clustered data, multilevel models, GEE, functional data analyses, time series, methods for meta-analyses.
  • Survival models: survival data, regression models for survival data, competing risk, multi-state models, predictive models, and predictive accuracy.
  • Missing data
  • Methods for causal inference
  • Mediation analysis

Workshop Details:

Date: June 10-21, 2024

Time: Course 1 (9 am-12 pm), Course 2 (1-4 pm)

Location: RG 5000 (synchronous online access allowed)

Cost: $500/course; $800 if registering for both courses.

Prerequisites: An understanding of basic statistical concepts, including distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and linear regression models is recommended.

Register at this link:

For further inquiry: Please contact

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