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LEND - Inclusivity in Indiana State Parks

An individual in a wheelchair moves along a wooded path.

Article written by Peyton Brandt, SPT, Indiana LEND trainee


As exploring our state’s natural beauty and park systems is becoming increasingly more common, so is the need for ADA accessible trails and equitable access to the trail systems. Along with the addition of more ADA accessible trails (such as paved trails or easy level terrain), many parks in the state of Indiana have had donations of different types of all terrain wheelchairs that are available for rent. Below is a list of a few across the state!


Parks with All-Terrain Wheelchairs


1. Chain-O-Lakes State Park:  This park has an all-terrain power wheelchair that can access multiple trails at the park.

2. McCormick’s Creek State Park:  This park has a Grit Freedom chair that is accessible to multiple terrains like sand, snow, and moderate level hiking trails.

3. Indiana Dunes National Park: The Indiana Dunes has multiple wheelchairs available that make traversing the sand easier. While they may not be power wheelchairs, they have bodies that are lightweight and glide across the sand with ease. 

4. Spring Mill State Park: Spring Mill recently has had an all-terrain wheelchair donated as an addition to the park.

5. Mounds State Park: Because many of Mounds State Park trails are not handicap accessible, they have a mobility chair available for rental to make exploring these trails easy.

6. Pokagon State Park: This park has recently been donated an all-terrain wheelchair for use around the trails.



Most of these wheelchairs are free to rent. Contact your local park to inquire about how and where to rent an all-terrain wheelchair so your entire family can enjoy an outdoor adventure!

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Cristy James

Cristina James is the Data Coordinator, Associate Training Director, and Family Discipline Coordinator in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development at Indiana University School of Medicine. She has over 10 years of professional experience and a life-long lived experience in neurodevelopmental disorders which, combined with her analytical skills, allow her to effectively span across functions to help provide and improve many LEND outcomes.