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Updated Electives Policies and Procedures, including New Special Electives Deadlines

The CCSC recently approved a revised and updated version of the Electives Policies and Procedures. With the exception of the special electives deadline changes, noted below, these policies and procedures go into effect on the date of this announcement. The full text of the policy can be found at:

Key policy changes:

  • Reorganized and expanded content to comply with IU policy standards, including links to other relevant policies and programs
  • Revised goals of the Elective Program
  • Updated policies and procedures to delineate current practice
  • Updated submission deadlines for special electives, which will be effective for electives scheduled June 2016 and later. Special electives scheduled during the months of January through May¬†2016 can be submitted using current deadlines, no later than:
    • Two months in advance for international special electives
    • One month in advance for all other special electives