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Student Duty Hour Policy

As was approved at the April CCSC meeting, the following is an update to the Student Duty Hour Policy.  It has been included in the UME Policies as well as in the MSA Student Handbook, and will be disseminated to students through MSA.

Student Duty Hour Policy

This policy is intended to address student duty hours while on clinical rotations (including on-call) at the Indiana University School of Medicine affiliate hospitals and clinical facilities. It is intended to maximize student learning opportunities while balancing their need for clinical experience and exposure. The intent of the policy recognizes the student’s need for personal time and creates an optimal healthy, learning atmosphere. Attending faculty physicians, resident physicians, fellows, and volunteer clinical faculty are expected to be knowledgeable and mindful of these guidelines while medical students are rotating on their respective clinical services.

  1. Medical students on clinical rotations must not exceed an 80 hour work week as determined on average for the rotation.
  2. Students must be provided at least one day off per seven day period, when averaged over the length of the rotation.
  3. Students must not be required to engage in educational or clinical activities for more than 28 uninterrupted hours
  4. In general, students should be allowed 10 hours between the end of one clinical/educational day and the next.


Monitoring Procedure

Each required clerkship will submit, on an annual basis, the results of a student reporting of work hours over the course of the year. These reports will be submitted to the Curriculum Council Clinical Component (CCCC) by the end of each academic year for internal review and action as indicated.


Approved by CCSC 4/14/2015