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July Learning Technology Newsbits

This blog post covers a few new things in the world of learning technology for the IU School of Medicine. Contact me with any questions you have about these items. I can be reached at or (317) 278-1506.



First of all, I want to take a moment to introduce you all to Rachel Mahan, who is new to IUSM. Rachel will be working as the Assessment Technology Coordinator for UME. In this role, she will manage aspects of ExamSoft exams and NBME exams. Please feel free to contact Rachel with your exam questions. Here is her contact info:

Rachel Mahan
Assessment Technology Coordinator for UME
(317) 274-8303



Another item that might be of interest to some is a pilot for a video management tool that IU is conducting this fall. There are actually two video pilots occurring together, but only one that can be used in Oncourse. The other is only available in Canvas. The video management tool for use in Oncourse sites is called Kaltura. Some pieces of the Kaltura integration are being finalized but things should be set by the time fall courses begin. The benefit to using a video management tool is that you can upload videos easily and students can access them easily and quickly. You can also allow students to upload video for projects or supplemental resources. Some online storage systems are simply not optimized for delivering video, but Kaltura is, and it takes the Oncourse quota out of the picture. If you would like to participate in the pilot or if you’d just like to learn more, contact me, or see this Next.IU page:


Oncourse / Canvas

Lastly, I need to update you on the status of the 2014-2015 MS1 and MS2 IUSM Oncourse sites. We are gathering all of the information needed to get the course sites created. I anticipate we should have that information by the end of this week. Note that all MS1 and MS2 course sites will be created in Oncourse, but if you are interested in teaching your course in Canvas, please let me know. Electives sites are created in Oncourse on an as-needed basis by sending me a request. If you’d prefer to teach your elective course in Canvas, be sure to include that information in your course site request to me.