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Call for Nominations for Course Leadership Roles

The following is the text from an email by Sara Jo Grethlein, MD, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

Dear Colleagues

As you are doubtless aware, the Indiana University School of Medicine is launching our curriculum reform with academic year 2015-16. We are seeking dynamic educators to lead our newly designed courses and help to propel IUSM to the forefront of educational innovation. We seek nominations (including self nominations) from faculty at all 9 campuses.

For the last four years, hundreds of faculty working with countless other contributors over thousands of  hours have toiled to create our new curriculum. This work has led to revision of our Institutional Learning Objectives, then definition of our Course Level Objectives for our 16 new courses and finally to the sketching of course schedules and learning objectives for each session. The Course Development Teams have finalized their creative efforts.

We are now striving to identify two sets of leaders to move our courses from theory to reality. The attached documents define the roles and expectations of Statewide Course Director and Course Site Leader, as well as, the process that will be used to select and confirm individuals to fill these roles.

Applications with supporting materials need to be submitted on our special CANVAS site. The deadline for application is 9 am on July 7, 2014

To access the site, click this URL:

Click the ‘Enroll in Course’ button and then click the ‘Go to the Course’ button. Once in the site, read the content on the home page and follow the steps for submitting your application.

If you have questions about the process, expectations or new curriculum please feel free to contact me, Dr. Mark Seifert (about Phase 1 courses) or Dr. Butch Humbert (about Phase 2 courses).


Sara Jo

Sara Jo Grethlein, MD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
Suite 417, 1110 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, In 46202


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