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Adobe Connect’s Retirement at IU


Below is an important message from UITS regarding Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect, IU’s web collaboration and conferencing system, will retire on August 31, 2017. After a comprehensive pilot evaluation, Zoom has been selected as its replacement.

Adobe Connect users were notified about this change last week. Those of you just getting started with web conferencing at IU will want to begin working with Zoom right away so you won’t be affected by this transition.

Connect will remain available for 2017 spring and summer terms. After August 31, 2017, Connect will switch to read-only mode through December 28, 2017; you will be able to access and download previously-created recordings and content, but it will not be possible to conduct live meetings in the application.

All Connect users should take steps to preserve content that they wish to keep, including meeting recordings, published Adobe Presenter files, and uploaded materials. For more information on the transition from Connect to Zoom, see About the Adobe Connect Retirement at

Getting started with Zoom:

For assistance with moving recordings off of Adobe Connect or learning how to use Zoom, contact Lorie Shuck, Director of Learning Technology, (317) 278-1506 or