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T’was Blind and Now I see…

I was having a casual conversation the other day with a work study student in the IUSM Office of Diversity who had recently ordered glasses on-line.  When we were discussing cost, I was immediately floored by the small amount she paid.  She actually was wearing the glasses that she had ordered on-line and they looked really good.  I began thinking back on when I paid for my prescription glasses a couple of years ago at a total cost of $936.   So, out of curosity, I asked her for the website,

I promptly went to my office and looked up the website.  In order to price out a pair of glasses, I had to have my prescription.  So, I called my eye care place and requested a copy of my prescription, which they promptly faxed to me.  I went onto the website and located a pair of glasses that would suit me and I proceeded to enter all of my information.  My jaw immediately hit the floor and my head exploded with a WOW!  For the same prescription, I would pay $149.74 and with shipping not much more above that amount.  Like anyone who just found the deal of the century, I started to look at other glasses and now I have over the past several days decided on what I want.  I ordered them.  I actually dropped the price by $50 by dropping the transitions in prescription.

So, here you have it folks, my eyes were open to a more economical way of getting my prescription glasses.  if i would have known this 2 years ago, I would have been $800 richer today.  So, for all of the glasses wearers out there, I am passing on to you a great way to get your glasses at a fraction of the cost.  Hopefully, you will be able to see clearly as I have learned to see through those blinders at the eye care center.

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Jose Espada

Jose Rivera Espada is the director of financial aid at IU School of Medicine, a nine-campus allopathic medical school in Indiana. Jose’s experience includes working as an assistant director of financial aid at Butler University and a financial aid coun...