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MS4: Should you rent or buy?

IUSM Match Day 2018__043

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial Services 

You matched, and now the battery of decisions looms. Among the biggest decisions—do you rent or do you buy? It certainly depends on a variety of factors;  first and foremost, is it feasible? For those of you who attended the Future Impact Program, you now have a clear idea of what is feasible. If you did not attend the Future Impact Program, perhaps you may want to learn more. The AAMC recently did a webinar on this topic, so it may be a good idea to to watch.

You may also refer to MedNet for a list of physician mortgage programs designed for medical residents and fourth-year medical students who have matched and are looking to purchase a home.

It is important to  work with professionals (realtors and lenders) who are experienced and understand your trajectory. Too many mistakes and pitfalls may happen when you consult with those unfamiliar with your situation as a transitioning fourth-year medical student to resident.

At the Future Impact Program, you heard from professionals who have  been working with medical students and residents for 25 years or more in the area of their expertise, and you saw the understanding they had of your situation going forward. If you need help understanding the home buying process, both Cyndie Campbell (with Regions Bank) and Mike and Karen Mills (Realtors) have offered to meet with you and answer your questions  about the home-buying process. There is no obligation to work with them, as they just want to serve as  unbiased resources.

Cyndie Campbell may be reached at You may also view the flyer about their Doctor Loan Program, which is the oldest  and most experienced program.

Mike and Karen Mills may be reached at 317-590-4646 or Their team is the most experienced in the area and can also help you locate a realtor in another city or state.

On the question of buying or renting, you will want to  discuss this  topic with people who are looking out for  your best interest and will not force the issue. They will be the first to tell you if  it is not feasible to buy given your personal situation.

Whether you buy or rent, good luck with the search for your home.

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